Ones Technology, manufacturer of biometric and software-based security solutions since the day of its establishment in 2008, was deemed worthy of the 2020 R&D Award by the Ankara Chamber of Industry.

Nurettin Özdebir, Board Chairman of Ankara Chamber of Industry, imported in a written statement that Ones Technology is creating exportation and employment opportunities by maintaining investment and production activities.

“I would like to inform you that we will not be able to hold the 58th Award Ceremony organized every year to encourage the members of our Chamber and share their achievements with the public, due to the COVID-19 epidemic affecting our country and the whole World. On the occasion of the 58th establishment anniversary of our Chamber, 52 companies were awarded in various categories, and your company was among the companies entitled to receive an award in the “R&D/R&D Center” category at the 2021 Award Ceremony, according to 2020 data. Although it is not possible to present your award by hand during a ceremony, I am honored to deliver this award to you. In this regard, I congratulate you, our member who maintains investments and production with great sacrifice and creates employment by exportation despite the increasing competition and shrinking market conditions in the global crisis environment, and I wish you continued success.”