Ones Technology was nominated as “The Best Employers of Technology Sector” by the Great Place to Work which defines the prominent workplaces of Türkiye. This prestigious certification process was completed to evaluate employee satisfaction and workplace culture following deep consideration processes. The certification process of Great Place to Work evaluates the performance of the workplace on critical factors such as leadership, collaboration, communication, and employee experience. This certification deserved by Ones Technology reflects the perfect workplace experience offered by the workplace and employee loyalty.

Our Priority is Employee Satisfaction

The Certification of Great Place to Work indicates that Ones Technology plays a leading role in its field not only as a workplace but also in terms of employee happiness and collaboration. This success reflects the consistency of the workplace in enhancing the recruitment processes and supporting its growth in the future.

Ones Technology which was nominated as “The Best Workplaces of Anatolia” in 2022 has won general approval for its position among the workplaces active in the technology sector. Ones Technology has approved its success one more time through the workplace experience and culture.

Ones Technology, once again authenticating how meaningful showing the correct attitude and modern approach to employees and customers by an employer, has approved its success through the workplace experience and workplace culture it offers to its employees.

A Big Family Recommended by Its Employees

The workplaces that are placed in the list of The Best Employees in the Technology Sector are praised by their employees. The employees of these workplaces placed on this very prestigious list are recommending their workplaces to their colleagues and periphery as great places to work. This reflects how positive the employees’ experiences working in the workplaces with the Great Place to Work certification and indicates 28% more employee satisfaction with respect to standard organizations.

Besides, the employees working in these workplaces are emphasizing that their success and effort are being appreciated by their managers. This indicates the strength of the leadership and communication in these workplaces. While the appreciation ratio is 44% in standard organizations, it increases up to 85% in the workplaces in the list of The Best Workplaces in the Technology Sector.

A Rational Indicator for Sustainable Growth

Güçlühan Kuzyaka, Technical Manager of Ones Technology, explains how prioritizing employee happiness, productivity, and motivation are associated with business growth and success with this prestigious award given by Great Place to Work.

“Our company provides its employees to feel valuable and important by prioritizing employee satisfaction and company culture. This attitude increases the commitment of the employees to their workplaces and encourages them to focus on the objectives of the company. As Ones Technology, a prior company in this type of list, we believe that we strengthen the brand perception by proposing a high satisfaction level compatible with the employees’ suggestions. The utilization of this advantage by our company for its strategy of employing and keeping its employees is very important for being an attraction center for qualified professionals and for supporting sustainable growth.”

Ones Technology’s successes are forming a strong basis for reaching the growth objectives of the company in the future. Satisfaction and commitment of the employees, brand reputation, and company culture are good examples of how they contribute to the growth of the company. This award reflects the undertaking of Ones Technology for sustaining its perfection in the future and means that the sustainable growth objectives of the company will be continued.

Ones Technology which is nominated with the Great Place to Work certification and placed in this very prestigious list, proves the value of behaving the employees not only as an employer but also as a family and as a team. The company is sustaining its stability by creating a company culture supporting the employees’ satisfaction and collaboration and creating a strong basis for the path of growth and success in the future.

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