Ones Technology proves that its active quality management system adheres to international standards through the certifications it has obtained.

Ones Technology is dedicated to delivering exceptional customer satisfaction through a commitment to quality and perfection at every stage. Quality is a fundamental principle at the core of Ones Technology’s business approach. The company consistently demonstrates its dedication to quality through its achievements and continues to provide top-notch services to its customers.

Some of the important certifications received by Ones Technology:
• ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System
• ISO 1002:2018 ve ISO IEC 12207:2017 Documents
• ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health Safety Management System
• TS EN ISO / IEC 27001:2017 Information Security Management System
• CMMI 3 Software Maturity Model

Ones Technology proves that its active quality management system adheres to international standards through the certifications it has obtained. In addition to these certifications, the company demonstrates its steadfast approach to quality processes through its acquired brand, product, and design registration documents.

Total Quality Management at Ones Technology

Since 2008, Ones Technology has distinguished itself from its competitors by prioritizing quality. The company does not limit its focus on quality to just certifications and registrations. Quality is embraced as a fundamental principle in the way the company conducts its business. In line with this, Ones Technology continually carries out improvement activities to enhance its products and services. The company also organizes training sessions and seminars to raise awareness among its employees about quality matters.

A Registered Brand in the Quality Showcase: BioAffix

BioAffix, as the registered brand of Ones Technology, encompasses a wide range of products for biometric and access control systems. The technological solutions developed in accordance with the company’s total quality understanding represent a unique future vision under the BioAffix brand. Products bearing the BioAffix brand are manufactured with a focus on high-quality standards and excellence, offering superior performance in terms of security and efficiency.

The diversity of the BioAffix product family and the existence of modules that enable communication and coordination between different devices highlight Ones Technology’s competitive advantage in providing comprehensive solutions to customers. Integrated solutions offer advantages in both efficiency and security. The company’s extensive capabilities in software, hardware, and solution development are evidence of its leadership in the security sector.

The BioAffix product family covers the following categories:

Biometric identity verification products

BioAffix products support various biometric identity verification methods, including fingerprint, face recognition, iris recognition, and vein recognition. These products provide secure and confidential solutions for identity verification, ensuring sensitive information remains protected.

Access control products

BioAffix products are compatible with various access control devices such as doors, turnstiles, and barriers. These products offer secure and efficient access control solutions.

Security systems

BioAffix products operate compatible with alarm systems, camera systems, and other security systems. Therefore, the existing products offer comprehensive and enhanced security solutions.

BioAffix products are high performance and comprehensive products produced compatible with the total quality understanding of Ones Technology. The products offer ideal solutions to meet access control and security system needs.

Some of the important features of the BioAffix product family:

High security

BioAffix products have been manufactured by using enhanced security algorithms and technologies. These products offer high security against forgery and unauthorized access.

High Efficiency

BioAffix products offer swift and easy installation. These products help increase the efficiency of the companies.


BioAffix products offer affordable solutions. These products meet security and efficiency requirements without compelling the budget.

Aiming at the Future in the Processes of Quality

The importance attached by Ones Technology to quality is one of the main factors for the company to be successful. The company aims to offer the best service by focusing the quality standards and perfection and maintaining its long-term success.

Ones Technology keeps making quality the standard of its existence by moving on its way with these principles. Ones Technology conducts enhancement activities to improve the products and services. As a part of these activities, Ones Technology considers the feedback obtained from the customers. The company adopts quality understanding as a principle of its corporate culture. Therefore, Ones Technology organizes training and seminars to increase the awareness level of its employees for quality much more.

The importance attached by Ones Technology to quality is one of the main factors of the company’s success. The company aims to offer the best service and continue its long-term success by focusing on quality standards and perfection.

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