Ones Technology, whose position in the industry and innovative approach are validated by national and international awards and certificates, has been honored with another award. In the Türkiye Innovation and Achievement Awards program, an event highlighting innovative and successful brands, Ones Technology was awarded the grand prize in the “Electronic Security Systems” category.

The awards were presented at an event that brought together art, business, and science environments. Ones Technology, achieving a rare success criterion both in Türkiye and globally with its 3rd Level CMMI certification, which evaluates expertise in software and hardware production areas, once again demonstrated its successful ascent and innovative approach in the industry with this new award.

As a company that has documented its R&D and production capabilities with awards and certifications at both national and international levels, Ones Technology achieved significant success in the Türkiye Innovation and Achievement Awards by receiving the top award in the “Electronic Security Systems” category with a perfect score. Drawing all the attention at the awards ceremony, Ones Technology received great applause from the participants for its contributions to Türkiye’s goals of becoming a technology hub. In a brief speech during the award ceremony, Ones Technology Board Member Güçlühan Kuzyaka mentioned the company’s journey filled with successes since 2008, dedicating the award to all colleagues who contributed to the national and international achievements.

Previous Achievements

At this event, where innovative and success-oriented brands are rewarded, Ones Technology once again showcased its outstanding qualities. In 2022, Ones Technology ranked at the top of the list in the “Anadolu’s Best Employers” ranking, determined by transparent criteria set by Great Place to Work, and in 2023, it also topped the list in the technology category for best employers, surpassing its competitors in areas such as employee satisfaction and corporate culture.

Ones Technology, recognized for its export capability and innovative approach in R&D, also conveys the message that its innovation-focused approach and sustainable growth strategy will continue through technology partnerships with global brands.

The Name of the Sectoral Standard: Ones Technology

Ones Technology is a pioneering company in the field of security technologies, focusing on biometric and card-based access control systems. The company develops high-tech products and solutions to meet security needs, offering a wide range of products in this field. Under the roof of BioAffix, the registered trademark of the company, Ones Technology stands out in the industry by providing innovative solutions in biometric verification and access control systems, addressing the needs of the security sector. Ones Technology is the only company that offers various software and hardware components developed for the security sector under one roof.

The products offered by Ones Technology under the BioAffix brand were designed to meet the security needs of both organizations and individuals. Operating as an ecosystem, BioAffix products enable a wide range of services, from biometric data verification systems to smart card technologies and integrated access control and cybersecurity infrastructures. The company continues to develop innovative solutions facilitating access control processes for users and enhancing security levels.

The Perception of Future Security is Changing

Card-based and biometric access control technologies play a crucial role in preventing unauthorized access by providing personalized security solutions. These technologies form the foundation of both physical and digital security systems. While biometric systems provide security by recognizing an individual’s unique physical or behavioral characteristics, card-based systems control access through cards containing pre-defined security information. In the future, it is expected that these technologies will become more integrated and enriched with advanced technologies like artificial intelligence, leading to the development of more secure and user-friendly access control systems. These advancements will effectively meet both individual and corporate security needs, shaping the future of security technologies.

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