The BioAffix product family, produced by Ones Technology and offered under the BioAffix brand, will be published on Signaling the beginning of a new era, previously offered access control hardware and software products on the website will now be accessible on This change aims to strengthen the brand identity of and provide customers with a more integrated service experience. With its user-friendly interface and enhanced navigation features, it aims to be an ideal source of information for industry professionals and end-users. brings product overview and technical support materials together through its renewed interface.

The updated platform now includes content covering a wide range of solutions, from biometric verification systems to smart card solutions. Additionally, the offered access control solutions have been reconfigured, particularly for institutions with high-security requirements. With these innovations, the aim is to maximize customer satisfaction and deliver technological advancements to users in the fastest and most effective manner possible.

This development on emphasizes once again the innovative approach and pioneering position of the BioAffix brand in the access control systems market. Users can easily access high-security BioAffix products through the renewed website, while newly developed products in biometric identity verification and security fields will continue to advance and shape the industry.

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