Security Solutions Supporting All Types of Cards

One of the factors to consider when building security infrastructure is the card technologies used in access control processes. There are over sixty card technologies used worldwide. Technological advancements reveal new threats and security vulnerabilities. To tackle these threats, new features are being introduced in card technologies, and new technologies are being developed to meet emerging needs.


Card-based access solutions utilize smart card technologies for verification processes. Cards are responsible for securely storing biometric templates as well as personal data such as photos and identity numbers. The utilization of advanced card technologies supported by highly secure encryption protocols is crucial for meeting security standards in access control systems verified through biometric data verification.

Upgrading legacy infrastructure, which utilizes traditional Wiegand technology, to the new generation OSDP V2 technology enables the activation of features capable of repulsing intrusion attempts. This includes advanced card technologies providing high-level protection. Through this transformation, the security infrastructure becomes stronger and more stable in controlling Access and authorization control.

Some advantages provided by access control and security systems that support all card technologies include:

High-Security Level

Card technologies combined with biometric-based identity verification systems enable secure entry and exit authorization.

Strong Identity Verification

System components supporting all card technologies adapt to every scenario, thereby creating a robust security layer.

Compliance with KVKK and GDPR

Compliance with the Personal Data Protection Law (KVKK) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is ensured regarding the usage of data stored on cards.

Advanced Card Technologies

The system becomes fortified against threats through the use of high-security card technologies and secure communication protocols.

Security System Infrastructure Supporting All Card Types

The system infrastructure utilizes various devices, communication modules, and units together to accommodate all card technologies.

Biometric and Card-Based Readers

These devices leverage both encrypted templates created from users’ biometric features and protocols offered by smart card technologies to verify users’ identities.

DoubleAntenna Overhead Contactless Card Reader for Turnstiles

Double Antenna Touchless Card Reader

Palm Vein Based Biometric Access Control Device

3D Face Recognition Device

Touchless Palm Positioning Unit

Ergonomic Palm Positioning Unit

Contactless Card Reader

Double Antenna Touchless Card Reader

Management and Audit Software

Management and audit software enables the centralized management and supervision of the access control system from a single point. These advanced software solutions effectively enhance organizational efficiency by controlling entry-exit mobility and regulating the authorization processes of individuals.

High Secured Central Identity Verification Server

BioAffix Product Family Central Management Application

Biometric Windows Logon Application

Biometric Authentication Application That Can Be Integrated into Applications

Secured Communication Modules

These devices are advanced modules used to control and facilitate the opening and closing of a door, regulating entry or exit from an area.

New Generation Secured Communication Module

Customized Secured Communication Module for Cabinet Security in Data Centers

Secured Communication Module

Access Control Panels

Access Control Panels are crucial for facilities to have verification devices supporting various biometric types such as fingerprint, facial recognition, iris, retina, palm vein, and other contactless smart card technologies, considering the needs that may arise in the facilities.

Identity Verification Device Supporting All Biometric Types

Access Control Panel Supported With OSDP V2 and Wiegand

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