Login Solutions to Applications via Card and Biometrics

Encryption-based access systems, easily shareable among individuals, are increasingly inadequate in preventing data breaches and malicious intelligence activities today. The encryption method used for accessing management and supervisory software, financial data programs, or applications containing technical or mechanical designs and industrial secrets can lead to irreparable data losses in terms of time and cost. Therefore, there is a need for multi-layered advanced solutions to provide users with a reliable, swiftly accessible, and effective elimination of the risks brought about by the current era.

Systems offered by Ones Technology as a compatible ecosystem aim to meet the emerging security needs in this regard. Card- and biometric-based access to the applications developed by Ones Technology allows users to access applications running on the operating system using biometric features such as palm vein and facial biometrics. Biometric solutions, replacing traditional verification methods using passwords or conventional card technologies, add a multi-layered dimension to security while also offering ease of use.

Integrated card-based biometric access infrastructures provide significant security benefits for software and applications.

Double-Layered Security

Biometric features provide high-level security with their unique and non-replicable characteristics, minimizing the risks of unauthorized access and identity theft.

Time and Cost Saving

Management costs related to password reset operations and security breaches decrease. Additionally, since users gain faster access to systems, business processes become more efficient.

Easy and Swift Access

Users can quickly and easily access applications without the need to remember and enter complex passwords.

High Efficiency

In organizations with high human mobility, it enables faster and more efficient control of user passages.

Compatible and Integrated

The biometric access infrastructure prevents the need for infrastructure changes by seamlessly integrating and working compatibly with existing systems.

Monitoring and Reporting

Advanced authorization and monitoring options automatically report details such as who accessed the system, at what times, and what actions were taken within the system.

Card and Biometric Based Login Infrastructure for Applications

Card- and biometric-based access solutions developed for applications eliminate the risks of unauthorized access and identity theft by verifying users’ identities with their unique biometric features, which are the most reliable method. These systems are of great importance for the protection of sensitive data and the improvement of user experience in critical facilities such as the defense industry, industrial production based on information confidentiality, and R&D organizations, as well as finance, healthcare services, education, and government institutions.

These systems utilize integrated hardware and software products to provide organizations with time and cost savings, as well as a smoother and more secure experience, by enabling users to securely log in and eliminating the security vulnerabilities caused by encrypted access methods.

Biometric and Card-Based Readers

These devices leverage both encrypted templates created from users’ biometric features and protocols offered by smart card technologies to verify users’ identities.

Ergonomic Palm Positioning Unit

Double Antenna Touchless Card Reader

Touchless Palm Positioning Unit

Ergonomic Palm Positioning Unit

Management and Audit Software

Management and audit software enables the centralized management and supervision of the access control system from a single point. These advanced software solutions effectively enhance organizational efficiency by controlling entry-exit mobility and regulating the authorization processes of individuals.

Biometric Authentication Application That Can Be Integrated into Applications

Biometric Linux Logon Application

Biometric Windows Logon Application

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