Our Values

We constantly work to make the technologies that we develop with the information we obtain faster, safer and more permanent. Ones Technology is a security company.

New Ideas That Will Benefit

Innovation capability is defined as the “gold-plated keyword” for Ones Technology to create qualified and safe products that have a wide range of uses. Acting with the awareness that every idea is valuable, Ones Technology accepts all its value-adding, innovative and creative talents as a requirement for all products of its product family.

We take care of all needs in the process of transforming our knowledge and experience into economic and social benefit. In addition, we closely follow the requirements and expectations for innovative products.

No Compromise on Safety

Developing new technologies also bring security problems. The slightest security problem that occurs in innovative systems developed to facilitate our lives can cause events that will create great dangers.

Ones Technology constantly works to take strict security measures in order to prevent a possible security problem that may occur for every innovative product it develops.

Resources Are Not Infinite

Attention is paid to the use of fluent resources and to prevent waste for every innovative product developed by Ones Technology. For this reason, we manage our existing resources in the best way to ensure and improve the continuity of our services. On the other hand, we do not compromise our ideals and quality in any way.

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