About Us

Ones Technology has gone into action in 2008. Since then, it has not stopped developing solutions aimed at needs of public and private sector for biometric and information security in domestic and as well as foreign countries.

The process that we implemented for this purpose starts with the acquisition of problems aimed at sectoral needs, continuous with research, development and production of the related technologies, and finalize with generating complete goal-oriented solutions.

Ones Technology had started offering solutions for security and informatics based on biometric technologies. It activated the “Palm Vein Based Biometric Identity Verification System” in 2011 together with its partner Fujitsu Technology Solutions to prevent loss and leakage in Republic of Turkey Social Security Institution (SGK). This system has been accepted after 1st and 2nd tests and its utilization has been obligated for all of the private medical institutions in December, 2013. The client software and hardware of the system, server software and design of the data center has been implemented for over 2 years. The system is being utilized by more than 90% of the private hospitals in Turkey.

Ones Technology has enhanced its knowledge and experience further by virtue of the “Palm Vein Based Biometric Identity Verification System” which is one of the biggest and most important projects in the world. Subsequently, Ones Technology realized the project “BioAffix Product Family” which is fast and secure and independent from biometric sensor and technologies.

Ones Technology puts the sensor-free biometric security technologies puts into services of public institutions, banking-finance business, military and private sector in order to satisfy the present needs.