We Works Continuously to Contribute to The Technologies Of The Future!

Future investments require bold steps. Founded in 2008, Ones Technology has been bringing together all the information it has designed for the future with digital technologies with the features needed since the first day. In this way, it has managed to make a name for itself in the biometric verification and security sector at home and abroad.

Who Are We?

Ones Technology, Ankara is a technology company that develops hardware and software products in Turkey.

Ones Technology was founded in 2008. The company team, which initially set out to design software and hardware products needed by the medical sector, started to develop products in the field of “biometric security” and “software security” by analyzing the sectoral needs.

Trying to procure the hardware needed by its software-like other companies- primarily from abroad and other contract manufacturers, Ones Technology realized that this vision was not enough. Therefore, it reached the level of producing its own hardware as a result of 2 years of hardware R&D and P&D activities between 2012-2014.

Today, Ones Technology continues to develop and produce hardware and software in the field of biometric and software-based security solutions, physical access control and other biometric technologies. Thanks to the knowledge it has gained since its establishment, our company has enabled the biometric technologies it has produced to meet with the society both at home and abroad.

Biometric Security Solutions Are Now With Us

As Ones Technology, we have taken steps to meet the requirement in the field of security solutions with domestic resources, along with the developing new technologies. In this way, we have succeeded in bringing biometric security equipment, biometric security software and other security products we produce for public institutions and private sector to the society.

Take a look at founded in 2008 in Ankara Ones Technology's innovative safety products since its establishment in the historical process until the last strong leadership position in Turkey.

Ones Technology Established

Ones Technology was established in 2008 on the ground floor of a building located in Bahcelievler, Ankara.

SSI Biometric Authentication System Designed

A biometric identity verification system based on palm vein print, which is still actively in service and used by SSI (Social Insurance Institution) in healthcare providers, has been developed.

BioAffix WinLogon Developed

BioAffix WinLogon was developed, which provides the opportunity to log in to the Windows operating system with a personal biometric ID.

First Hardware R&D Activity Started

With the engineering team of Ones Technology, consisting entirely of Turkish engineers, it started R&D activities to produce high value-added products that can compete with other technologies in the field of biometrics and security.

Ones Technology Started to Maintain Its Activities in the Technology Development Zone

Ones Technology moved to Ankara University Technology Development Zone and started its production and R&D activities there.

BioAffix AppLogon Developed

BioAffix AppLogon, a biometric authentication application that can be integrated into applications, has been developed.

BioAffix Gate Developed

The first steps of BioAffix Gate, which is the first hardware produced by Ones Technology and whose other versions are still used in many places, were taken.

BioAffix Gate Extreme Started to Be Produced

BioAffix Gate Extreme, the flagship of the BioAffix product family, started to be produced after two years of R&D activities.

BioAffix CardReader Turnstile Started to Be Produced

BioAffix CardReader Turnstile, a contactless card reader that can be integrated into the turnstiles and designed for external use, started to be produced.

BioAffix Gate Force Start to Be Produced

BioAffix Gate Force, which supports all biometric types and can read all known smart card types, started to be produced after two years of R&D work.

Ones Technology Made Its First Export

Bioaffix Gate Force, which start to be produced in 2016 by Ones Technology, beyond the borders of Turkey were exported to Europe.

BioAffix CardReader Product Family Started to Be Produced

BioAffix CardReader Desktop, BioAffix CardReader Touch and BioAffix CardReader Wall started to be produced with the completion of the R&D stages of the new members of the BioAffix CardReader product family after the BioAffix CardReader Turnstile.

Security Solution Designed for Data Centers

BioAffix data center security solution was designed together with BioAffix Gate Extreme and BioAffix Secure I / O, which are designed to provide high security in data centers.

BioAffix Gate Force Mini Started to Be Produced

BioAffix Gate Force Mini, which has been redesigned to meet security needs, started to be produced after a year of R&D.