Portable Access and Attendance Control Solutions

Ones Technology develops mobile access control and attendance tracking solutions designed to enhance the operational security and efficiency of organizations seeking more effective management of their processes. These systems offer the ability to control personnel access and ensure attendance tracking through portable devices.

Portable systems are developed for scenarios where security is a top priority, aiming to prevent situations such as spying and identity theft. They especially enable the centralized, mobile management of operations spanning large areas and experiencing high human mobility.

There are numerous advantages of mobile solutions developed for operations spanning large areas and areas with high human mobility.


Mobile solutions facilitate easy control of personnel access from any point and their attendance.

Swift Verification

It enables swift and successful identity verification thanks to advanced technologies and integrated software.

Remote Management

It offers easy remote management and control thanks to its practical infrastructure.

Location and Information Security

The system’s biometric and card-based identity verification features enhance institutional and location security.

Authorization and Access Control

Restricting access to authorized personnel only ensures physical security and helps protect sensitive areas.

Flexible Application

It includes flexible application options tailored to various needs across different sectors.

Integration Ability

Through secure encryption and communication protocols integrated with legacy infrastructures, it enables the cost-effective modernization of old systems.

Security-Focused Design

It offers high data security thanks to its software being compatible with universal security standards.

Portable Access and Attendance Control Solution Infrastructure

The success of Ones Technology’s portable access and attendance tracking solutions in regulating corporate operations, ensuring security, and enhancing efficiency has been proven.

Various products and software are used together for Mobile Access and Attendance Tracking System Solutions infrastructure.

Biometric and Card-Based Readers

These devices leverage both encrypted templates created from users’ biometric features and protocols offered by smart card technologies to verify users’ identities.

Portable Touchless Card Reader

Management and Audit Software

Management and audit software enables the centralized management and supervision of the access control system from a single point. These advanced software solutions effectively enhance organizational efficiency by controlling entry-exit mobility and regulating the authorization processes of individuals.

High Secured Central Identity Verification Server

BioAffix Product Family Central Management Application

High Secured Central Identity Verification Server

The Personnel Attendance Tracking and Time Management

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