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Detailed Information

Why Biometric?

Biometric data is inimitable with respect to the traditional password information. It is not possible to share the biometric data with other users, nor does it allow unauthorized use. Along with being much faster than traditional methods, it is highly secure against spyware. Biometric palm vein-based security and access control systems are being preferred for regions requiring high security.


Biometric data cannot be copied as traditional password information and it is confidential.

No Unauthorized Use

Confidential biometric data prevents problems such as unauthorized use of password and card information.

High Security

Thanks to its unique structure, it is equipped with high security measures against spyware.

Gate Extreme

Run your central management operations professionally with the biometric technology and built-in touch screen of BioAffix Gate Extreme enhanced for professionals.

Palm Vein

Biometric data collected from people cannot be copied nor shared thanks to PalmSecure® biometric technology. High security is provided through the sensor with 0.00008 % margin of error.

Biometric Feature
on the Card

Palm vein biometric data collected from the person is registered to her/his smart card. Thus, there is no need to keep the biometric data in the server.

7 inches
Touch Screen

You can execute/perform device management and operational procedures on the device easily through 7’’ touch screen on BioAffix Gate Extreme.

Data encoded
with TPM

Your security is always at the forefront thanks to the data encoded with TPM (Trusted Platform Module) International Standards. Storage unit of the device cannot be read by another device under any circumstances.

Gate Force

Take a closer look at vast area of utilization of BioAffix Gate Force Palm which can operate integrated with touchless card readers along with palm vein, fingerprint, face recognition, iris and retina scanning.

Biometric Technology

BioAffix Gate Force can be used with all known biometric identity card types.

Card Technology

It can quickly be integrated into existing systems by supporting more than 67 card types starting from MIFARE DESFire to HID Prox.

CardReader Wall

BioAffix CardReader Wall, which can read all smart cards through OSDP and Wiegand support, is designed to be used by connecting to access control panels.

Dual Antenna Structure

You can read all known card types with BioAffix CardReader Wall.

OSDP and Wiegand

You can use BioAffix CardReader Wall without changing existing infrastructure in your organization.

Windows Logon Application with Server-Based Biometric Identity

Take a closer look at BioAffix WinLogon which is a logon application to Microsoft Windows operating systems with biometric identity.

Linux Logon Application with Server-Based Biometric Identity

Get more information about BioAffix LinLogon which is a logon application to Linux-based operating systems with biometric identity.

Server-based Biometric Identity Verification Application

Taka a closer look at BioAffix AppLogon, a server-based biometric identity verification application which can be integrated into your institutional applications. 


Evocate your experience on access control management through BioAffix Managment which is an application for central management used for managing all of the BioAffix product family from one point.

You can administrate access management of the visitor and user from one point centrally.

You can use all the management features by remote control of the devices.

You can generate detailed reports about users and access through the reporting feature.

You can manage users’ smart cards through its structure supporting all known card types.