Pioneer Technologies in Access Control Security

Ones Technology is an access control and security solutions producer considering the basic security needs of the public and private sectors with a professional R&D perspective.

Who Are We?

Ones Technology is an integrated research, development and production center that operates in biometric and smart card-based security and access control systems and pioneers technological advances and innovation in its field.

Established in 2008 as a next-generation technology manufacturer specializing in electronic security systems, biometric technologies, access control, and identity verification solutions, Ones Technology has made it a principle to meet national and international standards in all the products and solutions it designs, manufactures, and delivers to end-users.

Operating under the BioAffix brand, Ones Technology designs and produces both the hardware and software of advanced technologies such as biometric access control devices, card access systems, palm vein, facial recognition, and fingerprint recognition entirely in Ankara, using local resources.

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Biometric and Card-Based System Solutions




Product Development


Completed Project

44. 3050 +

Installed Device

500 Billion +

Authentication Process

Biometric and Card Based System Solutions

Ones Technology has made an indelible impression worldwide and in Türkiye as well since the day of its establishment through the biometrics- and card-based secured access control systems grounding technology development for facilitating human life. Ones Technology keeps contributing to the national economy significantly through the solutions it offers.


Millions of Biometric Verification

Almost 1 billion biometric verifications have been accomplished across Türkiye particularly in healthcare and population affairs through the BioAffix infrastructure developed by Ones Technology. 

Ones Technology, sunduğu kurumsal çözümlerle güvenliği üst seviyelere çıkarmaktadır.

184 +

Institutional Solution Success

Ones Technology fulfilled the commitment successfully by finalizing the construction of biometric- and card-based system infrastructures of 184 public and private enterprises through the BioAffix product family.

Ones Technology, sunduğu kurumsal çözümlerle güvenliği üst seviyelere çıkarmaktadır.

170 +

Years of Time Saving

More than 1.5 million hours have been saved up to now in the various operational processes where access control and security solutions of the BioAffix product family have been used.

Strong R&D and Innovation Infrastructure

Ones Technology which shapes the security perceptive of the future through its institutional infrastructure aiming at global competition takes firm steps toward its targets with all of its units.

Electronic R&D

Industrial R&D

Software R&D

Visual Design

Test and Quality



After Sales Support

Requirements-Driven Product and Project Development

We are considering all your expectations in technological solutions devoted to worldwide security requirements.

Ones Technology, askeri tesislerin güvenliğini, güçlü teknolojik altyapı entegrasyonuyla üst seviyelere çıkarmaktadır.

Military Facilities

Ones technology, üniversite ve kampüs güvenliğine yönelik geliştirdiği altyapı entegrasyonuyla yüksek güvenlik sağlamaktadır.


Ones Technology, limanların ve gümrüklerin geçiş kontrol güvenliğini sağladığı gelişmiş teknolojik çözümler sunmaktadır.


Ones Technology, hava alanlarındaki geçiş kontrol güvenliğini üst düzeye çıkaracak gelişmiş teknolojiler sunmaktadır.


Ones Technology, sağlık sisteminde verimliliği üst düzeye çıkaran biyometrik doğrulama sistemleri geliştirmektedir.

Healthcare Organizations

Ones Technology, fabrika ve üretim tesislerindeki verimliliği, gelişmiş geçiş kontrol altyapısıyla arttırmaktadır.



Ones Technology, cezaevi güvenliği için gelişmiş altyapı seçenekleri sunmaktadır.


Globally Innovative and Integrated Solutions

Ones Technology offers technological solutions devoted to your informatics and security solutions. You can easily get your system requirements from a single point in the global market where secured access components are procured by different providers thanks to the BioAffix product ecosystem operating integrated with one another.

Quality and Process Management in International Standards

Ones Technology has received TS EN ISO 9001 Quality Management System certification covering the whole services of design, production, marketing, and after-sale. Ones Technology has proven its qualified efforts executed during software and hardware development and production processes as an R&D and P&D center by completing the CMMI 3 certification process successfully which is a world standard. Ones Technology whose competence in the field of Information Technology Management Systems has been certified with TSE ISO IEC 27001 by TSE keeps sustaining its production and R&D capabilities to the future through the CMMI 5 certification process.

Registered Designs, International Patents

Ones Technology has a successful profile for giving unique technologies to our country. 4 different applications of Ones Technology have been registered under the design caption in the registration processes for protecting industrial property rights. Ones Technology has applied to the Turkish Patent and Brand Institution and PCT, an international patent organization, for two technologies developed by them.

Indigenousness Ratio
of the Software

Ones Technology, yazılımda %100 yerlilik oranına sahiptir.

Unique Technologies,
Local Production, and R&D

Ones Technology, established with national investments, has been developing unique products and solutions in its R&D Center based on local production. All R&D and production steps have been carried out with its local staff and transferred to the last user.

Technology Development
with High Added-Value

Ones Technology supports local production through its production department operationalized with R&D processes. Ones Technology has been producing hardware components that are critical for the devices developed by them in Ankara with an 88% indigenousness ratio. Therefore, Ones Technology is making significant contributions to the growth potential of our country.

Indigenousness Ratio of
the Hardware Production

Ones Technology, donanım üretiminde %88'lik yerlilik oranına sahiptir.

Identity Verifications
Solutions in NATO Standards

The BioAffix product family through which you can use all biometric types and smart card technologies, has been equipped with enhanced integration capabilities and high-security standards.

Biometric Touch To The
Social Security System

Hundred millions of biometric verifications have been successfully performed in the content of “SSI Biometric Identity Verification Project” which is the biggest project of Türkiye and one of the most special projects in the world in the field of biometric identity verification. Ones Technology has carried out the design, software, and management processes of the project and keeps enhancing innovative solutions for similar needs worldwide.

OSDP V2 ile

Your Perspective For Security
Will Change With OSDP V2

BioAffix® Product Family
Growing in its Own Ecosystem

The BioAffix product family offers many components of an access control system as a whole such as PACS (personnel attendance control system) managed and operated in an integrated infrastructure, PACS software, access control solutions with card for turnstiles or a room, software and windows access systems, cyber integrations (SIEM, PSIM, and VMS), datacenter cabinet access, secured printer solution, and access control turnstiles specially designed for airplanes and borders.

Human Resources and Corporate Culture

Ones Technology adopts a modern perceptive that the most important value is the human resource as a principle. The institutional structure embraces all employees as the subjects of a peaceful workspace and stakeholders of all the success gained by Ones Technology. 

Ones Technology is in the List of
“The Best Workplaces of Anatolia”

Ones Technology put an appearance in the list of “The Best Workplaces of Anatolia” with a 100% Trust Index score in the selections where 7500 companies are evaluated with objective criteria by Great Place to Work. Besides, Ones Technology has shown a performance quite above the average of Türkiye by deserving the best workplace award in the category of technology in 2023. 

Ones Technology
Anadolu’nun En İyi İş Yerleri Listesinde

Great Place to Work tarafından 7500 şirketin objektif kıstaslarla değerlendirildiği seçmelerde Ones Technology %100 Trust Index skoru ile “Anadolunun En İyi İş Yerleri” listesinde yer aldı. 2023 yılında teknoloji kategorisinde en iyi işveren ödülüyle de Türkiye ortalamasının oldukça üzerinde bir performans sergiledi.

Career Support Program
and Business Development Training

Ones Technology, caring about the career development of its employees, has been organizing training programs to enhance the perfection and capabilities of the personnel according to their needs. 187 pieces of training activities in different branches have been performed up to now in the content of in-company training processes. Along with training programs updated each year, the educational processes of university students are being supported through continuous internship applications, and support is provided for the employees to have their master’s and Ph.D. degrees.

Volunteer Participation In
Green World Campaign

Forestation activities are being performed through the participation of Ones Technology’s employees’ volunteer participation. The green future of our country is being contributed by dibbling hundreds of young trees through personal donations to TEMA.

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