R&D Ability

Our products, all developed by domestic engineers, make your life easier while ensuring your safety.

We Works to Guide The Future

Software R&D
Software R&D

We develop our products used on desktop, web and mobile platforms using innovative and up-to-date software technologies. In addition, we rapidly develop our innovation strategy by producing embedded systems used in our devices.

Design R&D
Design R&D

We bring our innovative ideas to life with our industrial designs. We design, plan and manufacture every detail individually, from the conceptual design stage to the physical production stage. Our design adventure, which started with a pencil, continues until mass production.

Hardware R&D
Hardware R&D

We combine software and design with our innovative hardware to make new technologies permanently available. We make our electronic designs, industrial designs and software ready to use product on the shelf.

We Have The Domestic Production Power Behind Us

We aim to provide added value to the country without having to use foreign resources by fully adopting the domestic production philosophy with our extensive and expert engineer team. Since the first day we established our company, we have been carrying out research and development activities on all our solutions, especially our biometric access control products.

We are aware that security is very important in every field, in every sector and in every environment. For this reason, we combine all of our activities in the field of both software and hardware to develop products that will fully meet the requirements under Ones Technology.

We Share Our Labor and Products with The World

Presenting every experience gained in the past in the form of innovations that will shed light on the future, Ones Technology family offers the most up-to-date in the safest way to the use of the masses.

Thanks to the security systems implemented in Ones Technology R&D and Production Facilities, it has become a “guide” in the sector. That’s why it takes pride in being a pioneer in the field of biometric access systems. We are developing more and more every day to turn our experience into value-added products that will ensure your security, we enrich our hardware with our software and offer it to your use as biometric security solutions.

We get our energy from our expert engineer team. Through our world-class digital products we produce, we have the distinction of being the largest power market in Turkey. Our products industry as a result we have developed within the scope of our manufacturing and testing phase 4.0 not only in Turkey, serving the world’s confidence to users in several points. We share our labor and products with the world.

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