Ones Technology offered the BioAffix Gate Vision to European participants and visitors at the Data Centre World Fair held in Frankfurt, Germany between 22-23 May.

Limiting digital and physical access to data centers, and allowing access only to authorized personnel brings along the need for integrated security infrastructure. In this regard, Ones Technology gained significant attention in Frankfurt by presenting its biometric and card-based security and access control solutions developed for data centers.

At the Data Centre World Fair held in Frankfurt, Germany, Ones Technology, which attracted great interest of many European companies through its unique solutions related to data centers, introduced BioAffix Gate Vision developed under the BioAffix brand. This device is capable of three-dimensional scanning and features infrared depth sensing for facial recognition. When BioAffix Management, a central management and monitoring software, is activated, the security infrastructure provides complete control, authorization, customization, and reporting capabilities regarding human movement in data centers. This comprehensive security infrastructure received high praise from fair attendees.

Onus Sırmatel, the executive board member of Ones Technology, assessed the attendees’ interest in the BioAffix solutions and remarked: “With its unique solutions that have been granted patents at the international level, Ones Technology, which exports to over 10 countries, many of which are in Europe, continues to reap the rewards of its uncompromising approach to design, R&D, and manufacturing disciplines. The positive feedback we receive from users every day also indicates that we are on the right track. The favorable responses we received in Frankfurt further reinforce this positive atmosphere.”

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