Advanced Integration Features of BioAffix WinLogon

Advanced synchronization features make BioAffix WinLogon suitable for any infrastructure. You can integrate it with all information systems of your organization and ensure active synchronization.


You can integrate it into the Active Directory systems you use.


You can read and write to the existing database.


You can use it by integrating with web services.


You can send all processes to SYSLOG systems.

Private Synchronization

You can actively use it by integrating with the ERP software and cyber security systems you currently use in your organization.

Easily Integrate Your Data with BioAffix WinLogon

Manage users, access and system records via BioAffix WinLogon with easy integration feature.

You can integrate all users in your organization into BioAffix WinLogon.

You can integrate the records created on BioAffix WinLogon into any system you want.

You can integrate all system records created with BioAffix WinLogon into any system you want.