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What is BioAffix® WinLogon?

BioAffix WinLogon provides password-free biometric authentication security at every point what you need to log in Microsoft Windows operating system.

Users do not need to remember password information. They can log in quickly and easily with biometrics.

Since biometric data cannot be copied, unauthorized logins cannot be performed.

It is easily integrated with easy and convenient integration interfaces and becomes ready for use.

Windows Login Using
Biometric Identity

BioAffix WinLogon enables you to login more securely by removing the password information in the login processes of the Windows operating system. It eliminates the speed and security problems that occur in login processes with password. Unauthorized entries are strictly prevented by the fact that biometric data cannot be copied.

Remote Desktop Connection with Biometric Identity

With BioAffix WinLogon, you can login with your biometric credential by removing the password information in the remote desktop connection you will make using the Windows operating system. In this way, you can prevent a possible unauthorized process from the remote desktop connection.

VPN Connection with Biometric Identity

You can login with BioAffix WinLogon using your biometric ID for the login process for establishing a VPN connection. Thanks to your biometric credential, you can make your VPN connections more secure by removing the password information. Unauthorized persons can never access your VPN connections with your biometric identity.

Running as a Different User

You can perform the verification process to use the “Run as a Different User” feature on the Windows operating system with your biometric identity using BioAffix WinLogon. Thanks to the biometric credential, which eliminates the need to use a password, you can perform your login operations in a high-level security infrastructure, since user-specific biometric data such as password information cannot be copied.

In-Application Authorization with Biometric Identity

In your corporate applications that you will use with BioAffix WinLogon, you can ensure that the approval processes to be performed by the user in the application are approved with the biometric identity of the user. In this way, you can ensure that all approval steps are carried out quickly and with high security, without the need for physical confirmation buttons, only with the biometric identity of the authorized user.

Re-Authentication with Biometric ID

With BioAffix WinLogon, you can continue to use your application by re-authenticating with biometric identity in your corporate applications that have been closed due to timeout. Thanks to the fast and high security biometric verification process, you can continue your work from where you left off by verifying only with biometric ID without entering user and password information.

How BioAffix® WinLogon Works?

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