High Security Central Authentication Server

Your data is always safe with BioAffix OneServer, which provides security against all known attacks

What is BioAffix® OneServer?

It is a high-level security central authentication software used for the entire BioAffix product family, supporting the communication with the database of the devices by supporting the double layer SSL tunnel and Mul-Sec communication protocol.

Supports All Biometric Technologies

BioAffix OneServer can run with biometric technologies such as palm vein print, fingerprint, finger vein print, facial recognition and iris recognition.

Scheduled Tasks

Thanks to BioAffix OneServer’s scheduled tasks, you can ensure that your routine operations are carried out automatically. Database backup, log backup, and more, you can automatically perform many administrative operations with scheduled tasks.

Advanced Database Management

You can perform backup and restore operations, control database logs and generate reports thanks to BioAffix OneServer’s database management features equipped with HSM (Hardware Security Module) security technology.

Scheduled Database Backup

Eliminate a potential data loss problem with BioAffix OneServer’s scheduled database backup feature. Control all the information with the database backups that BioAffix OneServer will take at intervals you will determine.

Card Reader

You can manage card reader devices belonging to BioAffix product family with BioAffix OneServer. By defining your current smart card structure to BioAffix OneServer, you can continue to use your contactless smart card infrastructure in the same way.

Discover the Security Features of BioAffix® OneServer

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