Biometric Authentication Application That Can Be Integrated Into Applications

Biometric Authentication Application That Can Be Integrated Into Applications

What is BioAffix® AppLogon?

 It is a server-based, biometric-based authentication application that can be integrated into applications, used for login, in-application authorization and re-authentication in applications developed by institutions and organizations.

Passwordless Login

Users do not need to remember password information. They can log in quickly and easily with biometrics.

Always Safer

Unauthorized login is impossible because biometric data cannot be copied.

Easy Integration

It is ready to be integrated quickly with simple installation and integration interfaces.

Logging into the App with Biometric Identity

BioAffix AppLogon enables you to log in more securely by removing the password in your corporate website, project management applications such as ERP and CRM or banking applications. It eliminates both security and speed problems caused by password login. Unauthorized access is prevented due to copying of biometric data.

In-Application Authorization with Biometric Identity

In your corporate applications that you will use with BioAffix AppLogon, you can ensure that the approval processes to be performed by the user in the application are approved with the biometric identity of the user. In this way, you can ensure that all approval steps are carried out quickly and with high security, without the need for physical confirmation buttons, only with the biometric identity of the authorized user.

Re-Authentication with Biometric Identity

With BioAffix AppLogon, you can continue to use your application by re-authenticating with biometric identity in your corporate applications that have been closed due to timeout. Thanks to the fast and high security biometric verification process, you can continue your work from where you left off by verifying only with biometric ID without entering user and password information.

Create Your Theme According to Your Corporate Colors

Thanks to the theme creation feature of BioAffix AppLogon, you can adjust the BioAffix AppLogon interface you will use in your applications and web services according to your corporate colors.

Integrate with Your Desired Service

In addition to web services and databases, reading and writing operations can be performed on LDAP protocol, Microsoft Active Directory, OpenLDAP and Personnel Databases.

Supports All Biometric Technologies

It can operate with biometric technologies such as palm vein print, fingerprint, finger vein print, facial recognition and iris recognition.

How BioAffix® AppLogon Works?

Discover the fast and easy-to-use features!

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