Biometric Windows Logon

Logon your computer which is a member of Microsoft Active Directory

Biometric Run As

Run the applications and authorized the users biometrically

Biometric Remote Desktop

Connect Remote Desktop (RDP) via biometric

Biometric VPN

Connect Virtual Private Network (VPN) via biometric

What is BioAffix WinLogon ?

Prevents the passwords to be forgotten, hijacked or shared!

Eliminates the operational costs arising from changing or reset the password corresponding authorizing process!


Prevents the costly judicial processes that may rise further ultimately!

In companies using Microsoft® Active Directory, BioAffix WinLogon is developed by Ones Technology to provide employees the ability to login, run and authorize an application, connect remote desktop and VPN just by using biometric.

Free From Biometric Technologies

BioAffix family products developed by Ones Technology can be adapted to all of the biometric technologies through its biometric integration interfaces and support all of the technologies such as “Palm Vein Recognition”, “Face Recognition”, “Finger Print”, ”Iris Recognition”, “Retina Recognition”, etc.

Secure Communication

The communication between all BioAffix family products, especially biometric data transfer operations, is performed through the double layered SSL tunnel. This protocol of communication developed by Ones Technology and named as “Multi Layered Secure Communitacions(MulSec)” is secure against all known attacks.

BioAffix WinLogon eliminates not only the operational costs of changing passwords, resetting passwords and re-authorizing employees but also the costly legitimate process due to the reasons such that the users have forgotten their passwords, the password has been stolen by unauthorized people or shared with other people.

Easy Integration

All BioAffix family products can read from and write to remote sources(Microsoft Active Directory, OpenLDAP, Employee Database etc.) with using its LDAP, Web Service and Database integration interface. Therefore, the cost of setup operation decreases to the minimum value.

Integrated HSM Support

BioAffix Server can encrypt and store the biometric data at extremely high security level with the support of Hardware Security Module integration.

How It Works ?

Type your username on Windows Logon screen and click the “Login” button.

BioAffix WinLogon starts automatically and captures your biometric data.

Biometric data is sent securely to BioAffix Server which will contact with Active Directory at the end of the verification.

Active Directory conduct the login process of the verified user.


Biometric cannot be faked, it cannot be forgotten as password !

It is secure for any spy software as there is no password !

Biometric Data cannot be shared between users !

Biometric Data cannot be used by unauthorized person !

User Identity can be verified with an undeniable precise !

Biometric Verification is faster than traditional methods !

Operational costs due to password are eliminated !

BioAffix Management

Central Management Application

BioAffix Management, provides you to manage all of the products of BioAffix Product Family from a single application.

Now, it is time to control all BioAffix Family Products thanks to our specially designed management application and the interface making the management process easy!

Management of WinLogon, AppLogon and Gate in a Single Application

Supporting all of the Biometric Technologies

Management of Users and Departments

Unrestricted User Authorization

Biometric User's Logon

Restriction of Computer and Authorization

Advanced Reporting and Printing Options

Integration into LDAP, Web Service and Database

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