The expression “Made in Türkiye” will now be used instead of “Made in Turkey” in Turkey’s exported goods for brand value.

The expression “Türkiye” will be used instead of the phrases “Turkey”, “Turkei”, and “Turquie” in all kinds of activites and correspondence with states and international organizations, according to the amendment made by the President of Turkey and published in Official Journal.

Ones Technology has been using the expression “Made in Türkiye” since 2008

Ones Technology has been proudly utilizing the expression “Made in Türkiye” on all the equipment since its establishment in 2008. Ones Technology contributes to the growth and build-up of the Turkish brand in the international market by putting the BioAffix product family devices completely developed by local engineers on the map with the label of “Made in Türkiye” with the awareness that the expression “Türkiye” represents and signifies the culture, civilization, and values of the Turkish nation in the best way.

Ones Technology will continue to direct the security solutions of the future under the label of “Made in Türkiye” with the awareness of that the brand “Türkiye” is accepted as the roof brand for our country in national and international areas.