Citex 2014 Expo Stand

Ones Technology has attracted a great deal of attention thanks to its presentation of products in the field of Biometric during expo which hosted 31st National Informatic Congress between the dates 6-9 November. The company has accomplished all of the software of the project titled “The Verification of Patients Through Palm Vein Scan” which is being used in all private and university hospitals countrywide. Ones Technology succeeded registration of 18 million citizen, verification of biometric identity of 86 million citizens and reached 99.99% up-time. Therefore, citizens could be able to get healthcare service, quickly, securely and smoothly.


Lots of  company executive,  has been informed about Biometric Identity Verification Systems.

Engin Can, the CEO of Ones Technology, stated that the where trying to inform the citizens and raise awareness of them about biometric technologies and their usage, besides many companies have demanded usage and integration of biometric technologies in to their products. He said that biometric technologies have been fore judged as the other new technologies due to the reasons such that the society is not familiar with these technologies. However, biometric data will change our life fast and positively by keeping them securely and correctly as in this project through their usage on behalf of citizens and the state in the near future. In this regard, “Social Security Institution Biometric Identity Verification Of The Patients” accomplished by Ones Technology, prevented loss and leakage and protected the privilege of citizens.

Engin Can said that, Ones Technology has been developing the technologies based on biometry such that WinLogon, AppLogon, HealthCare and Gate for over 2 years. Ones Technology has been developing highly secured BioAffix Biometric Identity Verification Product Family for the sectors Banking, Telecommunication, Education, Health and Transportation in order to remove password. Thus, Ones Technology has prevented the password to be hijacked, forgotten, shared and used by unauthorized people.