ISAF Exclusive Security Fair executed in 2017 for the first time , brought together the most popular companies of the sector and the most special visitors.

ISAF Exclusive Security Fair, which is held in March every year, was held between 2-4 March 2020 at the Hotel Sheraton & Convention Center, Ankara this year. Ones Technology participated in the fair last year with its BioAffix® product family, and appeared in the fair again this year and introduced its innovative products to the visitors.

Aselsan and Ones Technology Combined Their Forces

Ones Technology participated in the ISAF Exclusive Security Fair this year with Aselsan, which is at the center of the Turkish defense industry and has made its mark in both national and international areas thanks to its defense electronics products.  Ones Technology, proudly presenting the BioAffix product family under the roof of Aselsan, gave information about the products to the senior employees working in the public and private sector during the fair. Thanks to the BioAffix product family produced using local and national sources and facilities, institutions with critical security requirements have once again met with a local and national defense mechanism.

Biometric Technology Becomes Widespread Through BioAffix®

Security and privacy has become a requirement for organizations nowadays. Ones Technology carries out all the R&D, design and production stages of BioAffix products in Turkey. Besides, Ones Technology maintains its leading position in the field of biometric and palm vein based security systems and access control solutions in Turkey.