The conference titled “Biometry and Security” and organized by Technology Platforms was held on the date of 23 March 2016 in Swissotel, Ankara.

Ones Technology presented BioAffix, a biometric identity verification product family, in the conference which public and private enterprises interested in biometry and security attended.

BioAffix products were presented on the booth of Ones Technology attracting the great interest of the visitors.

Güçlühan Kuzyaka, the Chief Technical Officer of Ones Technology, gave a speech titled “Impressive Success Stories in Biometry” in the event.

Kuzyaka informed about BioAffix Product Family making easier the integration of Social Security Institution Biometric Identity Verification System and biometric identity verification systems of institutions and organizations to their processes (or mechanism). The presentation about the working principle of BioAffix WinLogon, BioAffix AppLogon and BioAffix Gate drew considerable attention (or gained an appreciation of the audience). Kuzyaka also informed about the future of the biometric technologies during the presentation.