secritex-fairBioAffix Gate Extreme, the most enhanced biometric access control device, was developed by Ones Technology in consequence of 2 years of research and development and now is on the market right after its introduction on SecuriTex Eurasia 2016 Fair.

BioAffix Gate Extreme, developed and produced by Turkish Engineers in Turkey completely, contains PalmSecure palm vein biometric sensor. Its 2 GHz Processor, 16 GB SSD disk, and 2 GB storage provide the opportunity of faster access control and personnel follow-up system as compared to the other access control devices present in the market.

BioAffix Gate Extreme can operate in harsh conditions thanks to its 7″, antireflective and impact-resistant capacitive touchscreen and reinforced case.

BiAffix Gate Extreme not only verifies the users’ identity but also takes a picture of the user and his/her medium and enregister this picture thanks to its fisheye camera.

bioaffix-gate-card-readerIt can be integrated into the system easily without the necessity of changing the cards present of the institutions thanks to its high-frequency and low-frequency card reader which can swipe almost all of the magnetic cards. Thus, the first acquisition cost diminishes dramatically. The card reader, which can swipe the cards such as MIFARE Classic®, MIFARE DESFire®, MIFARE DESFire® EV1, HID: iCLASS® Standard SE/SR/Seos, PIV II, Secure Identity Object™ (SIO), HID Prox, EM4102, AWID Prox, enable a smooth integration.

BioAffix Gate Extreme is offered with BioAffix Gate Safe I/O Module, programmed by users and according to the requests of the users’ completely and having 8 inputs and 8 outputs. BioAffix Gate Extreme provides all of the requests and scenarios to be programmed using the visual interface and thus, offers a completely different viewpoint for the access control systems.

BioAffix Gate Extreme was released to the market in four different versions. Hereinafter, the list of product-model can be seen.

Model High Resolution Camera High Frequency Card Reader Low Frequency Card Reader
BioAffix Gate Extreme EXT Q Q Q
BioAffix Gate Extreme EXTC Q Q
BioAffix Gate Extreme EXTH Q
BioAffix Gate Extreme EXTCH