BioAffix® Secure I / O Maxi, designed to control the security of a high number of cabinets in data centers with the help of 24 inputs and 24 outputs I / O modules, was developed as a result of one year of R&D activities. Thanks to the 1U high structure that allows rail mounting and the Schuko power input, cabinet security is easier than ever.

There are three Secure I / O modules on Secure I/O Maxi that can control alarms, magnetic locks, buttons, turnstiles, doors, cabinets, monitoring contacts and sensors. Three power supplies control these BioAffix Secure I / O modules as well as help the other power supply to operate in case any device fails.

Communication between BioAffix Secure I / O Maxi and BioAffix Gate devices always takes place over an encrypted communication protocol.  BioAffix Secure I / O Maxi is protected against attacks such as changing a device communicating with it, sniffing or man-in-the-middle thanks to the encrypted communication protocol.

You can easily configure all inputs and outputs of the BioAffix Secure I / O Maxi device with the “Activity Workflow Management Module” on the central management application BioAffix Management.  Thus, you can easily manage remotely all devices connected to BioAffix Secure I / O Maxi.

For more information about BioAffix Secure I / O Maxi, please visit the product page.