All the devices belong to BioAffix product family developed by Ones Technology can now be used with Visio, Microsoft’s flowchart and diagram software. In this way, all of the installation and integration processes will be created one-to-one on a vector-based way with BioAffix devices and diagrams and shared with users.

You can use all of the devices of BioAffix product family in the Microsoft Visio application in which vector-based cyclic diagrams, graphs and data can be visualized. Ones Technology aims to minimize the margin of error while saving time in installation and integration processes with corporate customers through the flexible structure of the application which makes complicated connections and diagrams comprehensible.

In addition, it can run with external databases such as Excel and Access, thanks to its ability to display live data graphically.
Please contact with BioAffix Customer Support Center [email protected], to have Visio drawing files for BioAffix products.