BioAffix Product Family devices developed by Ones Technology and offering palm vein, fingerprint and face recognition-based access control solutions offer security solutions that are fully compatible with PDPL (Personal Data Protection Law) and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

You can perform biometric verification in accordance with PDPL and GDPR regulations using BioAffix Gate Extreme which is the world’s most advanced palm-vein based biometric verification solution. Thanks to the recording of personal biometric data on the smart card of the same person, high security verification can be performed without storing any personal and biometric data on the device. After users have their cards read by the BioAffix Gate Extreme device to enter using their biometric information, they can place their palms on the biometric sensors for verification. In this way, biometric verification can be performed without storing the biometric data of a person on any server or device.

Touchless Biometric Authentication

BioAffix PalmGuide Touchless-Touchless Palm Authentication Module was developed by Ones Technology to meet the need for increased sensitivity and touchless verification arising from Covid-19 pandemic having a worldwide effect. A touchless palm positioning unit BioAffix PalmGuide Touchless, can be integrated into BioAffix Gate Extreme and also be used in desktop areas and turnstiles, depending on your needs. With BioAffix PalmGuide Touchless, you can verify your identity with high precision and perform all verification processes touchless.

You can visit the web pages of the products to get more information about BioAffix Gate Extreme, palm vein-based biometric access control system, and BioAffix PalmGuide Touchless, a non-contact palm positioning unit.