BioAffix® LinLogon, which offers a server-based login function with the help of biometric authentication in Linux-based operating systems, was developed by Ones Technology.

Biometric palm vein or fingerprint logins can be performed on Debian GNU / Linux infrastructure such as Ubuntu and Debian operating systems and especially Pardus, our open source national operating system.

Domestic Biometric Verification Facility for Domestic Software

The Pardus operating system, which was developed by TÜBİTAK and released for the first time in 2005, continues to be used more and more, especially in public institutions. Unauthorized logins may cause some security problems as a result of the copying, theft or joint use of passwords of users with Linux-based operating systems such as Pardus, which are increasingly used. BioAffix LinLogon, which was developed to prevent possible security problems, offers high-level security features.  BioAffix LinLogon enables login by performing biometric verification in Pardus, Ubuntu and Debian operating versions thanks to fingerprint or palm vein biometric data.

Why Biometric Data?

User’s PIN and Password can be stolen, it causes them to be used without authorization. Entry information obtained from critical sites cause a danger to every institution. Biometric data is a unique personal data. It can’t be confiscated by someone else and cannot be copied, stolen or imitated. Thus, it prevents unauthorized using completely. A login with BioAffix LinLogon in a Linux-based operating system can only be performed with the biometric data of the person authorized to log in.