OSDP and Wiegand supported access control panel BioAffix® Gate Power has been developed as a result of one year R&D activities of Ones Technology. BioAffix Gate Power is an access control panel produced for the security of turnstiles, data centers, cabinets and doorways.

 BioAffix Gate Power contains all the features of BioAfffix Gate Force Mini and BioAffix® Secure I / O.  You can control all your access control devices and peripheral devices thanks to the 8 input and 8 output I / O module on it.

BioAffix Gate Force Mini can work with any contactless smart card technology you want as well as palm vein, facial recognition, fingerprint, iris-retina scanning and other sensors. It provides high performance in all biometric sensors thanks to its 4-core 2.4 GHz processor and high RAM capacity. BioAffix Gate Force Mini is a multi-functional authentication and access control system device designed to be quickly and easily integrated into various systems such as turnstiles, doors, access control points, printer security, data centers and cabinets where biometric and card passes are required to occur together or separately. It can be easily integrated with all peripheral devices with 5 independent RS485, 1 independent RS232 and 2 USB connection interfaces. At the same time, it can be easily integrated into access control systems thanks to its Wiegand output. BioAffix Gate Force Mini, which can manage 32 BioAffix Secure I / O from a single RS485 line, can manage 160 inputs and 160 outputs at the same time.

You can control the BioAffix Secure I / O V3 device connected to BioAffix Gate products with BioAffix Management software, which is a central management application. You can easily configure all inputs and outputs through the “Activity Workflow Management Module” included in the BioAffix Management software.

For more information about BioAffix Gate Power, please visit the product page.