The usage count of Biometric Identity Verification System developed by Ones Technology and initiated by Republic of Turkey Social Security Institution to prevent abuse and irregularities in health care exceeded over 100.000.000.

The system was  suspended of execution by Council of State in Sep 11, 2014 and came into operation once again in May 15, 2015 after that the Constitutional Court has cancelled the suspension of execution. The 100.000.000th verification has been implemented in June 24, 2015.

The Social Security Institution Biometric Identity Verification System which has been operating with 99.999% uptime for almost 3.5 years and use number of record is increasing every day is one of the biggest Biometric Identity Verification System in the world.

Biyometrik Kimlik Doğrulama Yüz Milyon Doğrulama

One Hundered Million Biometric Identity Verification Has Been reached.