Ergonomic Palm Positioning Unit

A palm positioning unit designed for Fujitsu PalmSecure® that can be used on a tabletop or mounted on a turnstile.

What is BioAffix PalmGuide?

BioAffix PalmGuide, used in conjunction with PalmSecure sensors, is an ergonomically designed positioning unit to position users’ palms in the best possible position during biometric authentication.

The Best Positioning

It optimally positions users’ palms on the sensor for a successful and easy verification process.

Long Lasting

Thanks to its environment-friendly material and impact-resistant structure, it can be used without deformation in long-term contacts.

Modular Structure

It can be mounted on turnstiles or used in desktop areas in our organization.

Designed for Successful Authentications

Thanks to BioAffix PalmGuide, which is designed for every hand type, biometric verification processes are simple and fast. With the PalmSecure biometric sensor integrated into BioAffix PalmGuide, users can perform biometric verification processes very quickly, even in crowded organizations.

Finger Positioning Area

The finger positioning area on the BioAffix PalmGuide allows biometric data to be read from the same point in every verification process. In this way, the biometric vein print information to be taken from the palm of the user can be read from a single point and the verification process can be performed quickly.

Wrist Positioning Area

Thanks to the wrist positioning area on the back of BioAffix PalmGuide, which is designed to verify biometric palm vein information quickly and with high accuracy, users can perform biometric verification in the fastest and most accurate way by placing their hand on the sensor ergonomically.

Wide Range of Use

BioAffix PalmGuide can be used with all BioAffix family security products.


It allows users to take their biometric records quickly and securely.

BioAffix® Gate Extreme

It comes built into BioAffix Gate Extreme devices and ensures that the authentication process is flawess.

Turnstile Top

It looks like a part of the turnstile thanks to the hidden screw slots that allow it to stand on the turnstile.

Discover the Technical Specifications of BioAffix PalmGuide

Take a closer look at the specifications of the BioAffix PalmGuide for successful verification

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