PalmGuide Touchless

Touchless Palm Positioning Unit

Perform your palm vein identity verification processes at one time in a swift and sterile way with BioAffix® PalmGuide Touchless developed to meet the increasing demand for touchless and hygienic identity verification arising from the Covid-19 pandemic.

What is BioAffix® PalmGuide Touchless?

BioAffix PalmGuide Touchless developed peculiarly for touchless identity verification, which is getting more important every day with the effect of the Covid-19 pandemic, can be used with PalmSecure® sensors. BioAffix PalmGuide Touchless is a positioning unit designed for users to bring their palms to the best possible position in a touchless and sterile way during the biometric identity verification process.

Best Positioning

BioAffix PalmGuide Touchless enables users to bring their palms to the best position for successful and easy verification.

Sterile and Touchless Operation

BioAffix PalmGuide Touchless allows a touchless identity verification from a height of 2-4 cm without contact.

Long-life Utilization

The lifetime of BioAffix PalmGuide Touchless is quite long thanks to its environmental-friendly material and impact-resistant structure.

BioAffix PalmGuide Touchless can be used mounting on turnstiles and each place where BioAffix® products have been used.

Designed for Successful Verifications

Biometric verification processes are performed in a fast and easy way thanks to BioAffix® PalmGuide Touchless designed for any type of hand. Users can verify their biometric identity even in a crowded organization thanks to PalmSecure® biometric sensor integrated with BioAffix® PalmGuide Touchless.

Touchless Positioning Area

You can perform identity verification quickly by positioning your palm to the center 2-4 cm above BioAffix® PalmGuide Touchless without touching any surface. Besides, we replace the products of our existing users using BioAffix® PalmGuide with BioAffix® PalmGuide Touchless free of charge.

Wide Range of Use

BioAffix PalmGuide Touchless can be used together with all BioAffix® family security devices.

Discover the Technical Features of BioAffix PalmGuide Touchless

Take a closer look at the technical features of BioAffix PalmGuide Touchless designed for successful verification

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