BioAffix® Gate Power
OSDP and Wiegand Supported Access Control Panel

BioAffix® Gate Power is a physical access control system that can work in all infrastructures with its OSDP and Wiegand connectivity features. Thanks to the integration features of BioAffix Gate Power, you can use all its capabilities without changing your existing infrastructure.

BioAffix®  Gate Power
<span style="display:block; font-weight:500; font-size:24px;margin-top:20px">OSDP and Wiegand Supported Access Control Panel</span>

What is BioAffix® Gate Power?

You can easily integrate BioAffix Gate Power with the access control infrastructure you actively use in your business and your existing readers. In this way, you can use all the features of BioAffix Gate Power without spending any infrastructure and operational costs. You can use BioAffix Gate Power for your security and access control needs of all sizes, from a single access point to large areas with complex and multiple access points. It offers the possibility to customize the level of security in areas where you intend to control access.

Why BioAffix® Gate Power?

BioAffix Gate Power is a physical access control system designed to meet all your changing needs. Thanks to its comprehensive physical connection features, it can serve with both the traditional Wiegand protocol and a highly secure OSDP connection interface.

Where is BioAffix® Gate Power Used?

BioAffix Gate Power authorizes pass by authenticating according to the information received from all readers and sensors on the turnstile.

BioAffix® Gate Power can also be mounted inside the cabinet with BioAffix Secure I / O, which has a structure suitable for cabinet assembly. The biometric sensor mounted on the door of the cabinet manages the security of the cabinet alone using the information it receives from the card reader and other sensors.

It authenticates with the biometric sensors or card readers on the doors where it is mounted and allows authorized persons to pass. It also works in integration with Access Control systems with the Wiegand interface.

Devices You Can Control with BioAffix® Gate Power

BioAffix Secure I/O can work safely with all devices that can get dry contact. In this way, it maximizes your safety in many areas you need with its wide use.

Your Data is Always Stored Encrypted with TPM

Thanks to the TPM (Trusted Platform Module) module located internally on BioAffix Gate Power, your data is always saved in NATO standards encrypted. In the event of an attack on the storage space of the device, the data saved in encrypted form cannot be read in a meaningful way. In this way, even if unauthorized physical access to the storage area of ​​the device is provided, all of the data contained in it will be displayed as a meaningless data set.

Easily Integrates With Peripheral Devices

It can be easily integrated with all peripheral devices with the RS485, RS232 and USB connection interfaces on it.

Next Generation Protocol: OSDP

It can work integrated with access control infrastructures thanks to its OSDP (Open Supervised Device Protocol) support. A high level of security is provided with the encrypted OSDP infrastructure, which is widely used in modern security infrastructures in critical institutions and organizations.


Wiegand Integration

You can perform access control operations with BioAffix Gate Power without changing your traditional Wiegand connection infrastructure. In this way, you can benefit from all the features offered by BioAffix Gate Power with your existing Wiegand infrastructure.

Can Continue Self-Working

Thanks to the 64GB SSD disk on it, even if the device is disconnected from the server, it can continue to perform its daily operations smoothly. This way, your business stays safe at all times.

Encrypted Communication

Thanks to the encrypted communication protocol between BioAffix Gate devices and BioAffix® Secure I / O, it provides a secure operation against all types of attacks such as removing the device, inserting another device in its place, listening to the communication with external devices.

Intelligent Control Panel

Thanks to BioAffix Management® management software, all inputs and outputs can be controlled with a single interface.

Short Circuit Protection

Thanks to the dual power supply of the BioAffix Secure I / O device, it is protected against short circuits that may occur in devices powered by it.

Can be Managed from a Single Center

All advanced features of BioAffix Gate Power can be controlled with the BioAffix Management central management application. In this way, you can remotely manage all the features of the BioAffix Gate Power device without leaving your place.

Discover the Technical Features of BioAffix Gate Power

Take a closer look at its features with advanced hardware architecture

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