Identity Verification Device Supporting All Biometric Types

Discover the features of BioAffix® Gate Force Mini, an identity verification device supporting fingerprint, face recognition, iris, retina, palm vein, and other biometric types and touchless smart card technologies.

Small in Size, Big in Talent

BioAffix Gate Force Mini is an identity verification device with many features such as multifunctionality, easy integration capability, and small dimensions providing the device to be used at many areas such as turnstiles, gates, and crossing points.

You can get the maximum efficiency by using BioAffix Gate Force Mini, which can perform with all known biometric identity types, with any desired biometric identity types.

You do not need to alter your existing card infrastructure to use BioAffix Gate Force Mini which has the ability to perform with all known card types.

You can use BioAffix Gate Force Mini for high-level security in secured printer solutions, data centers and cabinets, turnstiles, and access control units.

Functional Security Feature Meet Performance

Do not sacrifice performance while taking advantage of functional security features of BioAffix Gate Force Mini, the world’s most enhanced biometric based access control solution.

You can form timetables for users and visitors or define private timetables for each user.

You can record, update, and delete all the users in your organization anytime through BioAffix Gate Foce Mini.

You can form departments for all the users in your organization and manage them.

16 pieces of BioAffix Secure I/O can be connected to BioAffix Gate Force Mini through RS458. Thus, you can manage 128 inputs and 128 outputs at the same time with BioAffix Gate Force Mini.


OSDP and Wiegand Integration

BioAffix Gate Force Mini can manage access control processes by integrating with its new generation OSDP (Open Supervised Device Protocol) and traditional communication interface Wiegand.

Usage Areas of BioAffix Gate Force Mini

Advanced integration capabilities of BioAffix Gate Force Mini direct it to be used in many areas where access control and identity verification are needed. While BioAffix Gate Force Mini can be used on doors and cabinets in critical areas such as data centers and at turnstiles, gates and mantrap crossing points, which are physical transition points, it can also be integrated into printers for secured printing solutions.

BioAffix Gate Force Mini provides advanced printing security by connecting with printers and printing solutions thanks to its USB connection interface.

BioAffix Gate Force Mini placed in the turnstile performs identity verification processes using the data obtained from biometric sensor and card reader.

BioAffix Gate Force Mini manages the cabinet security using the data obtained from biometric sensor, card reader, and other sensors thanks to its mounting feature giving the possibility of being mounted to cabinets with 1U height.

Working by integrating with biometric sensors and card readers, BioAffix Gate Force Mini works in harmony with access control systems.

Always Stay Secured

Perform your access control and identity verification processes through Mul-Sec module of BioAffix Gate Force Mini supported with HSM along with its access control abilities and developed by Ones Technology without sacrificing security.

Capabilities of BioAffix Gate Force Mini Will Keep Your Organization Secured

Unlimited Number of Users

You can perform central user management processes for unlimited number of users.

Unlimited Number of Logs

All the actions performed by users and devices are recorded with unlimited number of logs.

Time Management

You can direct time for access and user management in your organization.

Remote Management

You can manage all the administrative features of BioAffix Gate Force Mini without leaving your computer.

Area Management

You can split your organization into areas and do different authorization for each area.

Instant Device Tracking

You can control and track BioAffix Gate Force Mini devices connected to BioAffix® Management, central management application, without leaving your place.

Discover the Security Features of BioAffix® Gate Force Mini

Your organization is always secured through security measures in NATO standards.