HSM (Hardware Security Module)

Thanks to HSM (Hardware Security Module) module, all personal data such as identity, biometric and pass information of the users are encrypted and read from the database thanks to the integration provided by the BioAffix OneServer server with HSM. All data to be used by BioAffix product family devices for access and verification processes pass through advanced, up-to-date and high-security cryptography processes during writing and reading, making it impossible to listen and read from outside. In this way, data encrypted with HSM cannot be read by third parties in any way, including the personnel working in the data processing unit.

TPM (Tursted Platform Module)

All data on the internal disk of BioAffix devices are stored by being encrypted with TPM (Trusted Platform Module) in international and NATO standards. In this way, all sabotage attempts against the data hosting area of ​​the device are prevented and your data is always securely stored. In case of any external intervention to the storage area, it is not possible to read the information on the disk in a meaningful way because all the data on the disk are recorded in an unreadable manner.

MUL-SEC (Multi Layered Secure Communications)

Thanks to the double layer MUL-SEC SSL tunnel developed by Ones Technology, the data traffic between BioAffix product family devices and BioAffix OneServer takes place with an encrypted communication infrastructure surrounded by a double layer SSL tunnel. When communication between BioAffix devices and BioAffix OneServer is protected with MUL-SEC, even if your current load balancer terminates SSL protection, communication between BioAffix product family and OneServer is always protected by MUL-SEC security technology.

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