Professionals Who Do Not Want to Compromise Security

Palm Vein Based Biometric Access Control Device Meet the functional structure of BioAffix® Gate Extreme, developed for professionals with palm vein-based biometric authentication sensor and smart card reading feature, equipped with strong security features.


Functional Safety Features Met the Performance

Do not compromise your performance while taking advantage of the functional security features of BioAffix Gate Extreme, the world's most advanced biometric based access control solution.

You can create time tables for users and visitors or define custom time tables for each user.

With BioAffix Gate Extreme, you can register, update and delete all users in your organization whenever you want.

With its internal 64 GB SSD storage, BioAffix Gate Extreme can record an unlimited number of logs.

Keep security at the highest level thanks to palm vein biometric information that cannot be imitated and used without authorization.


Why PalmSecure® Sensor?

Biometric authentication system based on palm vein traces works on the basis of comparing nearly 5 million reference points obtained from the impossible-to-replicate vein network in the palm of your hand with the vein trace pattern previously recorded from the person.

Biometric authentication system based on palm vein traces works on the basis of comparing nearly 5 million reference points obtained from the impossible-to-replicate vein network in the palm of your hand with the vein trace pattern previously recorded from the person.

Error Type Sound Fingerprint Facial Recognition Iris Recognition Finger Vein Palm Vein
False Accept Rate (FAR) %0.01 %0.001 %1.3 %0.0001 %0.0001 %0.00001
False Reject Rate (FRR) %0.3 %0.1 %2.6 %0.01 %0.01 %0.01

Contactless Palm Positioning Unit

Thanks to the non-contact palm positioning area of ​​BioAffix Gate Extreme, you can perform all identity verification operations in a sterile manner without touching any surface. In this way, the risk of transmission of diseases transmitted from person to person has been completely eliminated. In addition, the existing palm positioning unit can be easily replaced with the contactless BioAffix PalmGuide Touchless.

Next Generation Protocol:

It can work integrated with access control infrastructures thanks to its OSDP (Open Supervised Device Protocol) support. A high level of security is provided with the encrypted OSDP infrastructure, which is widely used in modern security infrastructures in critical institutions and organizations.


Wiegand Integration

 You can perform access control operations with BioAffix Gate Extreme without changing your traditional Wiegand connection infrastructure. In this way, you can benefit from all the features offered by BioAffix Gate Extreme with your existing Wiegand infrastructure.

8 Inputs and 8 Outputs Feature

BioAffix Gate Extreme can be integrated with BioAffix® Secure I / O and have 128 inputs and 128 outputs. With BioAffix Gate Extreme, which gains the ability to manage entry and exit processes in this way, you can get information from peripheral devices and control these devices again.

Compliant with KVKK and GDPR Regulation

Thanks to the BioAffix infrastructure, which enables the recording of personal biometric data on smart cards belonging to individuals, the biometric data of the persons are recorded on the personal smart cards without being stored in the digital environment. In this way, BioAffix Gate Extreme infrastructure fully complies with KVKK and European standard GDPR regulations.

Biometric Feature on the Card

The palm vein biometric data obtained from the users in your organization are recorded in an encrypted form on the personal smart card. In this way, card and biometric verification operations can be performed without the need for biometric data to be hosted on the server.

Capabilities of BioAffix Gate Extreme
Keep Your Organization Safe

Unlimited Users

You can perform central user management operations for an unlimited number of users.

Unlimited Log

It can even accommodate millions of logs without any problems.

Time Management

With the transition processes in your organization, you can direct the time for user management.

Remote Management

You can manage all administrative features of BioAffix Gate Extreme without leaving the computer.

Zone Management

By dividing your organization into zones, you can make different authorization processes for each region.

Multi-Factor Authentication

You can choose the appropriate card and biometric verification options for your organization.

Talents are Countless

Focus only on security in your organization with the innovative architecture of BioAffix Gate Extreme.


Flexible System Architecture

With its software architecture developed by focusing only on needs, it can respond to all your access control needs.


Independent of BioAffix OneServer, it can self-operates with the information in its internal memory and perform the transition operations.

Cyber Security Integration

It has been designed for your cyber security with its security measures in NATO standards.

API Support

Thanks to API support, you can also integrate BioAffix Gate Extreme into your own applications.

Usage Areas

Explore the usage areas of BioAffix Gate Extreme equipped with superior security capabilities.


Crowded areas such as schools, universities and corporate campuses


Passenger and airport personnel access operations


Port personnel access control


Student and university staff tracking

Data Center

Cabinet doors management for server security

Personnel Tracking

Personnel continuity tracking for corporate businesses

Discover the Capabilities of BioAffix® Gate Extreme

Take a closer look at its high security administrative features